A Ton of Updates!

As we’re now past summer, into fall, and nearing the start of winter, I thought I would post an update on some of the wonderful things I’ve been working on, as well as the incredibly exciting plans I have for future projects!

First off, thank you to those at Rorschach Theatre and Pointless Theatre for giving me the opportunity this past June to work way out of my comfort zone. Klecksography was one of the most adrenaline-filled weeks of my life and it was wonderful to get to network and create theater with all of these talented new people.

The rest of the summer was filled with exciting projects as well. I’m happy to share that the short film, That Summer, 2017 is finally finished and ready to be submitted to the festival circuit! I loved working with director Nathan Kim, my incredibly talented costar, Ashton Barnes, and the crew for several exciting weeks of lake diving, beach scouting and inspired film work.  Then, in August, I had a great time as a day player in the feature film, Josh Taylor’s Prom Date, which is slated for a 2019 release. When either of these films become publicly available, I will make a post!

I am also happy to say that I have some wonderful projects coming up as well! In mid-November, I get to co-star in yet another short film, Clem’s Mermaid Adventure, a heartfelt story about family. Then, in December, I start rehearsals for The Master and Margarita with Constellation Theatre Company. I have been chosen to understudy the wonderful roles of Ivan and Fagott, an opportunity which provides both a terrifying and wonderful challenge that I am excited to tackle. Regardless of whether or not I end up performing, Constellation does incredible work and I highly recommend you check out the production. I’ll post on my Facebook page if/when I’m covering either of these roles, so check there for updates! The show runs from February 4th through March 3rd at Source Theatre in DC, and tickets can be found here.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me. I wish you all a happy end to your 2018, and I hope to have more updates soon for the New Year!