A Ton of Updates!

As we’re now past summer, into fall, and nearing the start of winter, I thought I would post an update on some of the wonderful things I’ve been working on, as well as the incredibly exciting plans I have for future projects!

First off, thank you to those at Rorschach Theatre and Pointless Theatre for giving me the opportunity this past June to work way out of my comfort zone. Klecksography was one of the most adrenaline-filled weeks of my life and it was wonderful to get to network and create theater with all of these talented new people.

The rest of the summer was filled with exciting projects as well. I’m happy to share that the short film, That Summer, 2017 is finally finished and ready to be submitted to the festival circuit! I loved working with director Nathan Kim, my incredibly talented costar, Ashton Barnes, and the crew for several exciting weeks of lake diving, beach scouting and inspired film work.  Then, in August, I had a great time as a day player in the feature film, Josh Taylor’s Prom Date, which is slated for a 2019 release. When either of these films become publicly available, I will make a post!

I am also happy to say that I have some wonderful projects coming up as well! In mid-November, I get to co-star in yet another short film, Clem’s Mermaid Adventure, a heartfelt story about family. Then, in December, I start rehearsals for The Master and Margarita with Constellation Theatre Company. I have been chosen to understudy the wonderful roles of Ivan and Fagott, an opportunity which provides both a terrifying and wonderful challenge that I am excited to tackle. Regardless of whether or not I end up performing, Constellation does incredible work and I highly recommend you check out the production. I’ll post on my Facebook page if/when I’m covering either of these roles, so check there for updates! The show runs from February 4th through March 3rd at Source Theatre in DC, and tickets can be found here.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me. I wish you all a happy end to your 2018, and I hope to have more updates soon for the New Year!

The Great Society Begins Performances!

I am incredibly excited to announce that I am part of the cast of Arena Stage's production of The Great Society by Robert Schenkkan! 

The show has previews through February 7th, and performs from February 8th through March 11th. Make sure to buy tickets now because they're selling out! 

More info can be found here.


New Headshots!

I am so excited to show off some brand new headshots! 

Please feel free to check out my new Headshots page, where they all are displayed.
Photo credit goes to Ted Ely, who took some great photos and was a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend checking out his website.


Fringe Reviews!

This year's Capital Fringe Festival has been a rousing success! Audiences have been pouring in to see ClickB@it and Trey Parker's Cannibal! The Musical, and there are still a few more chances to catch both shows

I also wanted to share some lovely reviews both shows have gotten from the press. 

Here is a great review of Cannibal! The Musical from BroadwayWorld.
And here you can read a great review of ClickB@it, from DCMetroTheatreArts. 

Thank you to you all who have already come out, and I would love to see the rest of you this weekend!

Capital Fringe 2017

I have some wonderful news that I'm excited to share! 

I've been cast in two different productions, both premiering at Capital Fringe this summer!
I'm very excited to perform these shows in rep, and I'm also excited to step up to the challenge that comes with performing two shows at once. And, conveniently, both shows will perform in the Sprenger Theater, located within the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street Northeast. 

The first production is Cannnibal! The Musical, presented by HalfMad Theatre Company. This darkly comedic musical started out as a film by South Park and Book of Mormon creator Trey Parker, and now comes to the DC stage. However, HalfMad's production doesn't stop there- the show has puppets! It's full of them! I am ecstatic to get to perform with puppets again and stretch my puppeteer muscles once more.
(Tickets and showtimes can be found here.)

However, if puppets aren't your thing, I'm happy to say that Clickbait (or, Clickb@it) might be just what you're looking for!
This series of sketches both spoofs and ponders the Internet, as it celebrates internet culture, while also starting important political discussions on information privacy and dependence on technology. It's fascinating to work on a devised piece like this, and I hope you will come out and see the results of this group effort. 
(Tickets and showtimes can be found here.) 

Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks- I have an awesome project for the winter that I'm very excited to soon announce! 

Fantasticks Photos Are Up!

The Mason Players' production of The Fantasticks ended a wonderful run on March 11th, and now, at long last, production photos are available! I have added a couple to my gallery, but you can see them all on the Mason Players' Facebook page. Thank you! 

The Fantasticks

My first show of 2017 is already in rehearsals, and I'm excited to share the news! 

I am pleased to announce that I will end my senior year at Mason on a beautiful show- Jones' and Schmidt's The Fantasticks.

I play Bellomy, a button-maker with a love for vegetables and a penchant for song. Come see me perform songs such as "Plant a Radish" and "Never Say No" in this magical, family-friendly musical about true love, togetherness, and all the complications in between. 

This Mason Players production performs at George Mason University's Harris Theater on March 2nd through March 5th, and then at the Hylton Performing Arts Center's Gregory Family Theater from March 9th through March 11th. 

Tickets at Fairfax's Harris Theater can be found here.
Tickets for the Hylton in Manassas can be found here.

The Sandi Connection

I'm very excited to show off some new screen work!
I recently got to work on Roaring Pictures' The Sandi Connection. This webseries focuses on the real life Sandi Athey, and tells the story of how a traumatic attack led to her attaining psychic abilities. 

Episode 2 was just released, and I play Sandi's brother Andrew. The first episode is also on their Vimeo page, and I reccommend you check out both episodes thus far. 
Linked below is the episode where I make an appearance (starts at 2:07). 

Laramie Photos Are Up!

On October 15th, The Mason Players finished a successful run of Moises Kaufman's The Laramie Project. A full set of production photos can be found on the Mason Players' Facebook page, and a small selection of them can be found here and on my Gallery.

Thank you to all who came to see the show, and stay tuned for news on what's coming next! 

The Laramie Project and Kid Pan Alley

I am very lucky to have been cast in the fall portion of the Mason Players 2016/17 season! I will be taking my third stab at Moisés Kaufman's The Laramie Project, which performs from October 6th through the 15th. I will be playing a variety of characters, including Dennis Shepard. The show performs at Mason's Theatrespace from October 6th through the 9th, and tickets can be found here. From October 13th through the 15th, we have the pleasure of moving over to the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, to perform in the Gregory Family Theater. Tickets for this second weekend of shows can be found here.

Then in December, I will be working on the world premiere of Bouncin' Off The Bottom, a new musical by Paul Reisler and the students of Kid Pan Alley. I will be playing the role of Billy, and am very excited to get to sing again! This staged reading performs one-time-only in Theatrespace on December 3rd. Get tickets here